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You won’t be in this hobby for very long before you start hearing about Lichen, and how you can use it to make realistic trees, shrubs and undergrowth. It’s a real plant, a delicate, interlaced, mossy sort of plant that is really part algae and the other part fungus. You can find Lichen all over [...]


Some of the most interesting things you can depict with a great degree of realism on your model railroad layout is the way you can render roads, ground and rail crossings. Since most people use rail crossings as a point of reference, (it’s where most of us see trains close up for the first time) [...]


There are many ways and materials with which to model water, either still or moving, on your model railroad layout.  Understanding the nature of this water, (be it river, stream, pond, ocean, etc.) is essential to getting a grasp on just how you want to go about  modeling it, and the material you’ll want to [...]


These days you can certainly buy all the forest you can carry home for your model railroad layout. You’ll probably end up enhancing those pieces and wishing you’d either done it all from scratch in the first place or at least had given it some more thought. Point is, while you can get some good [...]


If there’s one thing that will really increase the look, feel, sound and even smell of your model railroad layout that would be the intelligent use of multimedia into your existing display. Creative and new ideas are popping up all the time, and these days you are truly limited only by your imagination, as the [...]


To bring your model railroad layout to life, you’ll need to populate it with buildings, people and other detail. This is one of the more enjoyable parts of building the layout, but requires some attention to detail.
Model railroad buildings can be created in several ways, either as a plastic form already built, a plastic model [...]


For your layout to come alive and bear the authenticity you’d like you need to recreate the scenery as best you can. Nothing is more intriguing than to see a perfect scale model train coming down the track through an equally perfect scenic layout.
This, however, is where the work comes in.
There are several ways to accomplish [...]


There are plenty of places to buy ready-to-use models for your model railroad – building, scenery, etc. – but making your own is often a better way to go.
The "do-it-yourself" method gives you much more freedom to design exactly what you want. If you’re prototyping your favorite railway, in your favorite little town, it’s going [...]


Model railroads are more then just the trains, tracks and power supplies. They provide the enthusiast a way to study and recreate entire worlds and towns in miniature. Fulfilling this requires a variety of modeling skills and techniques or a large pocket book to purchase ready-made scale models and supplies, but many enthusiasts prefer [...]