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Atlas and it’s sister company Atlas O will unveil several new models this fall in several different scales.
First in N scale, the C-420, coming out in October, will sport the colors of the Arkansas & Missouri, Delaware and Hudson, Lehigh & Hudson River, Conrail, Lehigh Valley, Nickel Plate Road and Louisville & Nashville. There will [...]


Kitbashing is the word given to the art of taking an existing manufacturers kit and using the parts in whole or in part to create your own unique item. Most commonly used to create structures and prototype buildings it can refer to any action that uses pieces from any pre-existing kit however.
Many times the term [...]

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One of the more annoying but common frustrations that model railroaders have to put up with is train derailments. It is common to have to troubleshoot layout issues during design and construction and the occasional derailment due to excessive speed or external causes such as wind, vibration or changes in car placement or order [...]

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